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Isothermic vans, insulation and customisation of every type of fitting, refrigeration units and multiple, innovative and made-to-measure solutions to cover every transport requirement at controlled temperature.
We adapt our skills matured over decades of experience, accompanying our client from project analysis to finished fitting, guaranteeing excellent quality and made-to-measure design.

Dog unit transport

When transporting animals, it is important they travel in comfortable conditions and in compliance with legislation in force. An animal load normally refers to the use of vehicles equipped to transport dog units. Inside, the vehicles must be equipped with modern technologies, such as cages with measures that respect the legal provisions, lighting systems and appropriate ventilation systems. Air exchange and controlled temperature must in fact be guaranteed and monitored.

Works of art transport

Transport, due to exhibition, loan or purchase, is an extremely delicate time for the preservation of the work. For this reason, such transport must take place in insulated and air conditioned vans and lorries. Insulation, to guarantee temperature control within, is of utmost importance because you can maintain uniform micro-climatic conditions, to avoid altering equilibrium in the environment and that of the material composing the work.


The controlled temperature logistics chain in the horticultural sector is extremely important to guarantee maximum qualitative levels in the working phases. Horticultural products in fact require special care during the various management and transfer phases. For this reason, they must be transported on vehicles that respect the highest standards in terms of air conditioning to guarantee safety and preservation of products through movement, storage, collection and transport operations.


The chemical sector must comply with legal provisions and each transport must be insured and guarantee a high level of hygiene and temperature detection. Faced with a strictly regulated market in terms of the environment and its safeguarding, our company can study and install customised insulation fittings with a vast range of accessories: side openings, convenient loading surfaces, shelving and multi-temperature environments.


The distribution and transport of medicine take place using refrigeration cells in the operating centres and in insulated vehicles during the various transport phases. Given the importance of temperature maintenance in the environment, the vehicles must be constantly monitored by probes capable of recording changes in temperature and the various transport phases must be regulated by procedures that guarantee compliance with standards.


The refrigerated food sector is of fundamental importance in the application of the so-called cold chain. Temperature control is in fact an essential requirement to guarantee the safety and quality of the refrigerated and frozen foodstuffs in compliance with legal directives and production standards. It is fundamental to ensure the transfer of refrigerated or frozen products is carried out without “interruptions” in the cold chain, especially in the lorries used for distribution.

Design and fitting

Isothermic vans

Design and fitting

We work hard every day to achieve your objective: provide the best built isothermic van to meet you personal working requirements. Our isothermic vans and our FRIGO LAMAR refrigeration units, produced exclusively in our plants in Italy, will even meet the most demanding requests. We make our skills available to you:

  • Decades of experience
  • Use of the best materials
  • Attention to detail
  • Attention to after-sales
High quality insulation

Inhouse production

High quality insulation

Isothermic insulation for commercial vehicles composing the DNA of Lauri Group. All the insulation is created with profiled panelling by recalculating the internal line of the load compartment of the vehicle, the result of 3D scans in the load compartment and work entrusted to numerical control machinery. This allows the best internal cubic space and the best thermal insulation coefficient.


Isothermal vans
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