They are most of the fittings created in the Lauri workshops, thanks to multiple product customisation solutions. These vehicles are suitable for small and medium distribution, for their flexibility and mobility making them suitable for any transport. The insulation is created with high insulation coefficient panels which are very light. They are supplied with accessories and product customisation and transport solutions, such as: doors, shelving, hooks and compartments to meet all our clients’ needs.

Type of transport: alimentary (especially meet and fish), horticulture, food and pharmaceutical.


Mobile sales

The isothermic fittings for mobile sales can be customised in every detail, to best manage the internal spaces and outdoor set-up requirements.
The solutions implemented by Lauri optimise transport management for mobile sales and enable transport and set-up to be integrated.



Vehicles allocated for medicine transport must be fitted with equipment to guarantee a “suitable” transport temperature and compliance with “health regulations”.  Therefore, these vehicles must be equipped with adequate internal insulation and any possible refrigeration unit, unless in exceptional and documented cases.
The transport temperature can vary between 2 and 8°C and between 18 and 22 °C, the controlled temperature provisions should however be maintained as outlined on the medicine packaging.