About Lauri SRL

Since 1984 Lauri has been carrying out the transformation of vehicles for transportation at controlled temperatures. Since the early 80s, Lauri has been present in the sector and today is synonymous with solidity, quality and customization. Born from the entrepreneurial spirit of the Lauri family, firm has been able to combine great craftsmanship and constant technological development over time, bringing together experience and innovation in a single environment.

"Technology will never stop, but our customer focus must remain the same." (Marzio Lauri)


LAURI s.r.l. is made of three production unitstwo in Lombardy in the province of Mantua and one in Piedmont in the province of Asti.
Isothermal solutions are personalized for the specific customer needs such as transport of food products, pharmecueticals, plants and flowers, works of art, electronic equipments or anything else requires controlled temperature.

Lauri also carries out the insulation of the load compartment for commercial vehicle brands,in all their model and variants, also with FRCX classification for the transport of frozen products.

Products portfolio

Vans Isothermal Vans

Segment represents a relevant part of the fittings made in the Lauri workshops, thanks to the multiple product customization solutions. Suitable for small and medium distribution, as, due their flexibility and mobility, fits any transport. The insulation is made with panels with high density coefficient while maintaining excellent lightness. A full range of accessories completes the offer, such as: doors, shelving, hooks, compartments and shelves, to satisfy any customer requirement.


Isothermal insulation for commercial vehicles is the DNA of Lauri Group. It’s made with shaped panels tracing the internal line of the vehicle's load compartment which allows the best achievable internal volume and the absolute absence of supports that would limit the internal area.
The isothermal panels are in-house produced and made "with a finished surface", which therefore do not require painting. The result of the molding process adopted guarantees a shiny surface. The upfit can be equipped and completed with various accessories so to fit the scope of the application..