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Isothermal insulation is the DNA of the Lauri Group which since the 1980s has been present in the sector of the transformation of vehicles to be used for transport at controlled temperatures. Today Lauri is synonymous with safety, quality and customization in the refrigerated transport sector, thanks to a deep bond between family passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Constant technological development brings experience and innovation together.

Excellence in refrigeration is the ability to combine the entire production chain, from design to customized solutions for all types of equipment, refrigeration units and multiple innovative solutions tailored to cover any temperature-controlled transport need.

The skills acquired over decades of experience are adapted to the customer's needs, from the analysis of the project to the finished set-up, guaranteeing quality and tailor-made design.

  • 1975 1975: business start up

    The founder, Marzio Lauri moved with his family to Mantua and began as an apprentice in a automotive workshop. Since the 70s, with the opening of his own business, Officina Lauri became a leader in LPG systems install. Entrepreneurial fervor and continuous research lead to experimenting with a growing and new sector: food transportation with refrigerated vans. The intuition soon turned into a dedicated business which started to grow with the aquisition of a warehouse workshop enclosed.. However, the proper business ramp up came with the creation of its own model of refrigeration unit, Frigo Lamar. A winning concept as Lauri became capable to offer a complete package: insulation and refrigeration unit by a unic vendor.

  • 1979 1979: kit

    From 1979 first kits were designed

  • 1982 1982: First plant Pacinotti St.

    Construction of the first plant.

  • 1984 1984: Frigo Lamar is born

    At Lauri workshops, the core of refrigeration is developed: the refrigeration unit, completely produced internally.

  • 1985 1985: New plant

    In Valdaro Industrial Area production Lauri enlarges with a new plant.

  • 1995 1995: Lauri becomes a factory

    At the beginning of 1995 activity counts 20 employees and becomes a recognized firm for refrigerated transport in Northern Italy. Company remains family owned and managed which brought the decision to start panels in-house production. Product range is enlarged and capable to cover isothermal boxes market, for small distribution vans as well as tractors up to 9 meters long. Since 2012, with the purchase of a numerical control work center and a digital scanner, Lauri has begun the production of the insulation kits for commercial vans.

  • 2004 2004: New plant Lauri 2

    A new plant, Valdaro Industrial Area, is acquired and destinated to the production of panels and kits.

  • 2020 2020: Work station acquisition

    Today Lauri is an important and recognized reality in the outfitting of vehicles for refrigerated transport with two production plants in Valdaro Industrial area (Mantua) on an area of 16,000m2 and with 5,000m2 of covered warehouse in Castello di Annone (Asti) to cover North-Western Italian market. On top a production unit in Sofia in Bulgaria, dedicated to the Balkan market. Research and internationalization have allowed Lauri to embark on a path of growth, where innovation and sustainability play a decisive role, but passion is still the real driving power of the Company and the value of Lauri’s family.
    • Photovoltaic systems sustain the Company on energy demand
    • Continuos reserch and expansion of collaborators in the various sites to guarantee and fulfill production and management standards
    • ISO 9001 Certification from TÜV to guarantee a quality process and product
  • 2021 2021: New plant Lauri 3

    A new plant is establish in Valdaro, Lauri 3