to accomplish any customet need

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Commercial van

Small and medium size vans.
Up to 3.4Kw of cooling capacity.
Up to 27 cubic meters.
Integrated, roof, niche and front install.

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Light Trucks

Fino a 5,4 KW di capacità frigorifera
Fino a 40mcubi
Montaggio a sbalzo

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Electric Fridge

Commercial Vans & Light trucks
Up to 8 hours of coverage
Up to 15 m3 volume

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Frigolamar ensures that the cargo remains in ideal conditions during the journey with a stable temperature-controlled environment to preserve the integrity of the cold chain.

The sustainability of the range is implemented through the use of R452A refrigerant throughout our product range which is evolving to incorporate all-electric units and multi-temperature solutions.


From long distances to last mile delivery Frigo Lamar offers everything needed to meet expectations in terms of performance: the delivery of fresh and frozen products is not an easy process and having the right equipment is the key to success. Our technologies are designed to meet the needs of evolving sectors, quality is a mandatory requirement:

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