Innovation and Sustaineability



Lauri is constantly looking for an eco-sustainable production model.

The introduction of an innovative composite material has been added to the use of photovoltaic panels for the daily energy demand.

In fact, Lauri SRL collaborates with a partner who from the recycling of rigid expanded thermosets creates an eco-sustainable product whose properties are better than normal wood.

These materials that are mainly made from the recycling of rigid expanded thermosetting such as polyurethane. The main feature of this family of products is dimensional stability, resistance to any environmental condition and perfect workability with the most common joinery equipment and techniques. 

European & USA Patent

100% recycled and recyclable

The mainly used panel. it is made up of 90-94% recycled expanded thermosets (PUR/PIR reversible polyurethane, PET, PVC and fibreglass) re-aggregated under pressure with minimal percentages of virgin adhesives. The process is patented and generates a material that is recyclable again at the end of its life. The homogeneous density of the panel (from 450 to 800 kg/m3) guarantees strength to the entire section, also allowing a three-dimensional processing of the slab.

It is also eco-sustainable because it is free of CFCs and HCFCs. 

  • Homogeneous density

    It guarantees robustness to the entire section

  • Dimensional stability

  • Minor weight

  • Lower thermal conductivity

    (0,13 W/mK)